2018 Hypnosis Certification Scholarships Announced for Jan. 4, World Hypnosis Day – Start Date Pushed to Fall 2018.

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Four Hypnosis Certification Scholarships Offered to Lake County, CA Residents

Improving Community Wellness through Well-trained Practitioners

[LAKE COUNTY, CA, January 4 -] In honor of World Hypnosis Day, Amy Marsh and the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center will offer Lake County, CA residents the opportunity to apply for a total of four valuable “Community Wellness” hypnosis certification training scholarships. The 100-hour program is based on the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) certification curriculum, and successful graduates will also receive one year’s free membership in that organization. Normally, this training generally costs about $2,100 in California.

“Even with its clean air and beautiful scenery, Lake County ranks 56 out of 57 counties in 2017, according to County Health Rankings,” said Dr. Marsh, a new Lake County resident, “and I’d like to help change that by encouraging better health and wellness behaviors and training more complementary wellness practitioners for this area.”

Hypnosis, also known as “hypnotherapy,” is a proven method for improving health and wellness, and for creating positive attitudes and life changes. Hypnotists are complementary providers who can assist clients with habit control, weight management, stress reduction, pain management, and more.

Scholarship applicants are welcome to email dr.amymarshsexologist@gmail.com to request an application form. Special consideration will be given to people with low incomes, youth who have aged out of foster care, LGBTQI individuals, and other marginalized groups. A history of community activism is also helpful.

Training location and dates are still to be announced, but on-site training (75 hours) will be held in Lake County, most likely during the month of September 2018 [Updated]. The course includes 25 hours of online class and home study. Applicants should check this website for updates. Applicants must be prepared to raise $175.00 for required books (not included in the scholarship).

Apply by July 15, 2018 [Updated].

Amy Marsh, Ed.D, DHS, CH, CI, is the founder of the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center and is a certified instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Dr. Marsh has trained hypnotists for NGH certification since 2011.



We need hypnosis volunteers in Hilo, Sept. 20-25

Have you always been curious about hypnosis, but never tried it? Would you like one or more free hypnosis sessions? We’re training hypnosis students during this time and can offer you up to three supervised sessions during this time period. Students will be doing the hypnosis, but I will be supervising their training.

The class  will be held at Hinano Healing Arts Center at 465 Hinano Street, Hilo, HI. Please email dr.amymarshsexologist@gmail.com to arrange an appointment (1.5 hours long).

Thank you!

Online Intimate Hypnosis Course – Special Promo Code Til Feb. 14, 2017!



317 Intimate Hypnosis – Enroll at this landing page!

Taught by Dr. Amy Marsh, this course is a deep dive into Intimate Hypnosis – what it is and how it can be applied to sexological concerns in clinical practice. Course Length: 15 – 20 Hours.

We’re launching the new Sexology University! And I’m delighted to be one of the Expert Faulty! Like Sex Coach U, Sexology U is founded by Drs. Patti Britton and Robert Dunlap and offers an array of courses from noted sexuality experts. To celebrate our launch, you are now able to take these classes without signing up for the full training programs!

This is a special opportunity for you to sample my course, Intimate Hypnosis, an introduction to using hypnosis for sexual concerns. You can also get a special rate on tuition if you use this Promo Code: 317SL2017 (offer expires Feb. 14!). 

Enroll now and enjoy this class, which I’ve been teaching for several years through Sex Coach U!

Preparing My Hypnosis Certification Courses for You – in Hawai’i!

NGH Certification

My hypnosis programs take place on Hawai’i Island (the “big island”), in the town of Pahoa, south of Hilo, on the lush, rainy, Eastern edge of the island. I live, work, and hold classes in a house surrounded by jungle. It’s a peaceful place of bird songs and flowers. In 2017, the Spring Certification Intensive takes place April 23-May 2, right after the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival (Come for Hula, Stay for Hypnosis!). This way, we blend culture, fun, and hypnosis in our learning!

(I may be offering an additional training March 11-20, 2017. Email for details. Thanks!)


When I schedule a National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) hypnosis certification training, naturally I prepare to enroll and welcome one or more students. I announce the training online and then begin to get inquiries. Some people request more information, which I send. Sometimes we talk on the phone or via Skype, so I can answer their questions. Not everyone enrolls, and that’s okay. I only want really dedicated students.

The hypnosis certification course is valuable professional training for anyone who wishes to either change their career or supplement their income. The training consists of an online, homestudy program which must be completed before attending the 75-hour onsite program. My students get a very enriched version of the basic NGH curriculum. They also get a lot of instructional attention from me.

The certification training is $1,600.00 – less than when I taught in California. This is because (1) Hawai’i Island is economically depressed and I want to make this training more accessible to residents and (2) people traveling here get a break on tuition costs to help cover their travel expenses.

rednghconsultinglogoI have also offered one or more Community Wellness Scholarships in the past, but now I have decided to limit this offering to one a year. The next scholarship will be available Fall, 2017 (Please note: the Fall Intensive may be held in California). People who have a background of community wellness activism and/or who are overcoming some disadvantage, are eligible to apply.

Once a student has expressed serious interest, the basic sequence of events is more or less in this order:

• The student enrolls and pays tuition. I encourage them to read the refund policy first.

• I order the student’s required books and learning materials from the National Guild of Hypnotists, which I might then forward to their homes prior to their arrival, or keep for the first day of class.

NGH Materials Collage

• The student is allowed access to the online and home study portion of the course, Introduction to Basic Hypnosis which is hosted through Creative Sexuality Education Corporation (see this link for a listing of all my online hypnosis courses, including this one). There is no extra fee for the online course if you are an NGH certification student.

It’s best if the student can have access to this course 1-2 months before the dates of the on-site intensive, in order to gain a good theoretical knowledge of basic hypnosis principles and practice. This preparation makes our on-site learning so much more meaningful. During the intensive, we will review these theories together, and then practice hypnosis skills with volunteer clients so that the learning becomes more real! 

• The student makes travel arrangements, arranges to take time off from work, and handles the other details of spending 9-10 days immersed in hypnosis learning. If travelling, students should plan to fly in to Hilo airport, rent a car, and make sure they are staying within about 20 miles of Pahoa. Hotel and bed-and-breakfast accommodations may be found in Hilo and Volcano, and there are hundreds of vacation rentals available in the immediate area.

• I tell students to make sure they do not park their cars under the coconut trees on the road!

• Students arrive for the first day of class “fragrance free” (including clothing), so that we may all share the air and breathe freely and comfortably. After coffee, tea, snacks and introductions, we then proceed to dive deeply into our exploration of the human mind and the power of imagination.

Our classes will be accompanied by rain on the metal roof, birdsong, the occasional mew of a feral cat (I feed them on my porch), and towards evening, the shrill coqui frogs. And perhaps, every now and then, a large palm frond or a coconut will fall with a loud thud, and when we hear that sound, the appropriate hypnotic response is, “with every sound of a falling coconut, you will find yourself going deeper and deeper!”

Please contact me if you have an interest in the next hypnosis trainings of 2017!


Two Great Programs! NGH Hypnosis Certification Training & Our Own Speciality Certificate in Hypnosis for Sex Problems

NGH Certification

Become a certified consulting hypnotist or certified hypnotherapist*! This National Guild of Hypnotists certification training is offered through the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center, with 25 hours of home study online and 75 hours on the “big island” of Hawai’i or Northern California.

These classes provide 100 hours of training and qualify you for certification as a Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).


This course requires:

➤ Maximum 25 hours of distance learning and home study, including webinars, taped lectures and home study.
➤ Minimum 75 hours of on-site, class attendance during a 10-day intensive.

Your tuition of $1,660 (Hawai’i) or $2,100 (California) includes:
➤ Hypnosis Certification through NGH.
➤ 1 Year membership in the NGH.
➤ All NGH course books, CDs, and DVDs, plus 1 year’s subscription to the Journal of Hypnotism and Hypno-Gram.

➤ Additional materials developed by Dr. Amy Marsh.

Please note: certification is less expensive here in Hawai’i for two reasons: (1) local residents are living in an economically depressed area and so they get a kama’aina discount, and (2) people who are not residents have to travel here and pay for lodging and ground transportation. I have compassion for both situations and want to do what I can to make it easy to be here and learn!

Instructor: Dr. Amy Marsh, certified consulting hypnotist, certified NGH hypnosis instructor, and sexologist.

To Enroll: Check the Enrollment page. Please contact dr.amymarshsexologist@gmail.com.

*Some states do not allow the term “hypnotherapist” unless you are also a licensed psychotherapist.


Specialty Training in Sexological Hypnosis. Learn hypnosis for a variety of sexual concerns. Includes fundamentals of Sexology.

Pre-requisite: Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist Certification representing at least 100 horus of training.

This course requires 150 hours of home study, online study, and completed assignments.

Your tuition of $1,500 includes:

➤ An online course based on an extensive literature search and clinical experience in the uses of hypnosis for a wide variety of sexual problems, and for enrichment and pleasure.

A few additional textbooks are required, and not included in the tuition.


The Philosophy of Sexological Hypnotism

The ability to be “entranced” is a key to sexual and emotional health.Natural trance states are changes in brain waves which allow us to access “non-conscious” realms of imagination, inner narratives, deeply held feelings, embedded somatic memories, and imprinted beliefs. These same states also allow us to be “entranced” within our own eros as well as with our sexual and romantic partners. A natural and spontaneous experience of erotic trance can enhance our feelings of pleasure, playfulness, and intimacy.

Hypnotism can also support postive change in physical function, emotions, and health. Through a thoughtful, guided use of hypnosis, the person in a trance state becomes receptive to literal language and positive suggestions which reinforce desired changes in conscious behavior and feelings, including those which pertain to sex and sexual dysfunction.

Instructor: Dr. Amy Marsh, a sexologist, certified consulting hypnotist, and certified NGH hypnosis instructor.

To Enroll: Check the Enrollment page. Please contact dr.amymarshsexologist@gmail.com.