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Hypnosis for Sex Problems

HSPcertPaleBlueNext Session Spring 2021

Here’s what a recent student had to say about the updated course:

“I loved the course. Dr. Amy helped me to be a better sex therapist and person. Her encouragement, supportive way of acting and availability to listen and help are really remarkable. She made me feel more connected to my practice, my clients and their issues. At the same time, the scientific part of the training was not neglected and I had strong science foundation to the new things that I’ve learned. Those things changed a lot my professional life in a positive way.” RMC, Brazil.

Fifteen Weeks of Instruction & Up to Six Months to Finish Assignments

Our unique online course, Hypnosis for Sex Problems Speciality Certificate, is based on an extensive literature search into the uses of hypnosis for sexual problems and includes basic training in sexology and human sexuality as well as hypnosis. This course provides a research-based immersion in the ethical uses of hypnosis for sexual concerns, such as:

  • improving sexual self-confidence and body image;
  • encouraging sexual and reproductive health practices;
  • non-medical support for managing sexual dysfunctions such as orgasm difficulties, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, pelvic pain;
  • overcoming shame or guilt about sex;
  • reducing stress about sexual or gender issues;
  • managing and accepting fantasies, desires, behaviors;
  • hypnosis support for trans and gender diverse people;
  • incorporating hypnosis and autogenic training into your clinical practice;
  • new topics focus on intersectionality, teaching erotic hypnosis to clients, and more!

You have six months to complete the written assignments, but must attend every Sunday online lecture and/or listen to recorded lecture for 1-2 hours, 3 PM, Pacific  Time.

Prerequisite: 100 hours of hypnosis training and/or certification through IHTC, NGH, or another professional organization or school (to be approved by IHTC).

Regular Tuition $1,500.00. Enroll here.

NGH Certification

Spring 2021 Dates TBA

Basic Hypnosis Certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists prepares you to work with a wide range of health and wellness issues. Course consists of 25-30 hours of online and home study, and 70-75 hours of on-site training in Springfield, Oregon. You’ll learn a variety of hypnosis techniques and applications. Includes 1 year free membership in the NGH upon completion of the course.

Regular Tuition $2,100.00. 

As a certified hypnotist, you’ll be an important member of the health and wellness community. As a complementary helping professional, you can use your skills to help people who:

  • experience too much stress in their lives;
  • want to enjoy life more;
  • want to overcome habits (like smoking or nailbiting);
  • would like help in managing their weight:
  • suffer from emotional distress due to acute or chronic conditions;
  • would like additional help with palliative care;
  • seek a more comfortable pregnancy and childbirth;
  • want to boost their self-esteem and confidence;
  • want additional ways to control or manage pain;
  • want to relax while taking an important exam;
  • want to improve their athletic performance;
  • are preparing for surgery, medical, or dental procedures;
  • are hampered by stage fright or writer’s block;
  • suffer from menopausal hot flashes;
  • want help with grieving;
  • wish to explore personal growth and transformation using hypnosis;
  • want to learn self-hypnosis and other mind-body skills for personal use;
  • and more!

You’ll find more information about the efficacy and usefulness of hypnosis on the Hypnosis Scientific Studies page. More studies will be added on a regular basis! Learn more about this exciting health, wellness, and transformation career today!

HypComWell_Koch_ copySummer/Fall currently in session.

Next session Spring 2021.

Fifteen Weeks of Online Instruction & Up to Six Months to Finish Assignments.

Professional-level hypnosis training in a social justice and community health context for sharing with individuals, families, and communities. Please note: this training will not provide professional certification as a hypnotist. See the NGH course below.

Activist Scholarships available–Scroll to lower half of the page.

This Class is Free for Activists Until Further Notice.

The Health Impacts of Systemic Racism and Personal Prejudice

Systemic racism and personal prejudice have a pernicious and devasting impact on human health in the U.S., creating disparities in health care and wellness for people who are Black, Indigenous or other People of Color. It’s time for this to stop.

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis, as an “alternative and complementary” technique for achieving wellness, can be a positive asset when in the hands of trained community providers and family groups. Please see our new course, Hypnosis for Community Wellness, which aims to provide “Hypnosis Power to the People.” Scholarships available.

And Black Trans Lives Matter Too! Public domain. C.L. 2020.

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