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Good news! We’re updating Hypnosis for Sex Problems (HSP) for 2023 and our course materials are getting a makeover. However, the tuition cost for HSP will increase to $1,800 as of Jan. 1, 2013. But if you enroll before Dec. 31, 2022 for the training which beings February 5, 2023, you’ll get the 2022 price of $1,500.

Excited to announce the publication of our new textbook! Available now on Amazon/Kindle.

2022 ebook textbook included in tuition. Available on Amazon/Kindle.

Train to be a Sexological Hypnotist!

Completely online and home study. 150 Hours/15 Weeks. Six months to finish written work.
Now offered also in three five-week modules (total $1,800), with payment per module. See Tuition page.

Starts Feb. 5. 2023. This is the most thorough, research-based program for learning how to use hypnosis for sex problems. Taught by a clinical sexologist/hypnosis instructor.

“I loved the course. Dr. Amy helped me to be a better sex therapist and person. Her encouragement, supportive way of acting and availability to listen and help are really remarkable. She made me feel more connected to my practice, my clients and their issues. At the same time, the scientific part of the training was not neglected and I had strong science foundation to the new things that I’ve learned. Those things changed a lot my professional life in a positive way.” RMC, Brazil.

Train to be a Hypnosis for Community Wellness Faciliator!

Hypnosis for Community Wellness Facilitator. Fall 2023 dates TBA. For more details go to the program page.

Here’s what a 2020 Hypnosis for Community Wellness student has to say about their experience and their anticipation for the upcoming Hypnosis for Sexual Problems course (2021):

“Really looking forward to this next course. My previous certification with Amy Marsh was incredible! One of the best hypnosis instructors I have ever encountered. Amy is like a mentor, as well as head instructor, and takes time to answer questions thoroughly, and lets students pursue meaningful tangents.” — K.D.

IHTC programs are inclusive and respectful. These programs strive to be anti-racist, pro-gender diversity, pro-sexuality diversity, pro-spirituality diversity, etc., and to consider intersectionality in learning and in care for our clients. Hate and bigotry have no place in these programs.

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