Testimonials and Graduates

Here’s what some students have to say about their training:

“I loved the course. Dr. Amy helped me to be a better sex therapist and person. Her encouragement, supportive way of acting and availability to listen and help are really remarkable. She made me feel more connected to my practice, my clients and their issues. At the same time, the scientific part of the training was not neglected and I had strong science foundation to the new things that I’ve learned. Those things changed a lot my professional life in a positive way.” Marcos  Carvalho, 2020, Brazil.

My two week training with Dr. Amy RW Marsh at IASHS, San Francisco was one of a kind. I still have those days deep on my heart and mind and try being as patient and helpful she had been with us. She is a great instructor and very intuitive person like knowing the exact technique for each situation. She taught us Clinical Hypnosis skills for sexual dysfunctions. I am grateful I can help people millions of miles away after this Course. Her style and peaceful tone are one of a kind. I am thankful I have been part in this amazing life journey of knowledge and inner transformation. — Smae Kyriazides, 2014, Greece.

My experience with Amy was just more than Hypnosis study. She also teach us deep layer of Hypnosis and joy of Hypnosis. She [is the] kind of instructor who can satisfy your cravings of knowledge. — Koko Momi Kawauchi Johnson, 2016, Hawai’i.

Here are comments taken from the Course Experience Questionnaire, given to students of the Intimate Hypnosis-Sexological Hypnosis Skills course (now named Hypnosis for Sex Problems):

CEQ-IASHS Intimate Hypnosis

CEQ IASHS IntHyp Kudos 2


Hypnosis for Sex Problems: 2019-2020

• 2021: Dallas Maynor, LMFT.

• 2020: Desiree Robinson, Ph.D. candidate. Completed course. Graduation pending.

• 2020: Marcos Carvalho, Ph.D. Brazilian psychologist and sex therapist. He has a certificate in gender, sex and relationship diversity therapy by Pink Therapy (London). EMDR certified therapist and hypnotist specialized in treating sex problems (Hypnosis for Sex Problems).

NGH Hypnosis Certification Graduates: 2015-2017

• Jo Biasi, 2014 & 20 hrs. CEU in 2015. San Francisco Bay Area.

• Jen Beaman, 2015, San Francisco, CA.

• Josh Hansen, 2017, Hilo, HI.

• Koko Momi Kawauchi Johnson, 2016, Pahoa, HI.

• Julie Kaneshiro, MSOM LAc, 2017, Hilo, HI.

• Maurine Killough, 2015, San Francisco Bay Area.

• Smae Kyriazides (Smay Kyriazidi), DHS, 2014, San Francisco, CA.

• Deanne Salinger, 2016, Pahoa, HI.

• David Shapiro, DC, 2017, Hilo, HI.

• Rachel Zingone, 2014, San Francisco Bay Area.

IASHS Intimate Hypnosis Graduates: 2012- 2015

This program, developed and taught by Dr. Marsh, was similar to our current Hypnosis for Sex Problems 150-Hour program. See below for more details. Scroll down for testimonials.

• Jen Beaman (Portland, OR) – 2015

• Susana Goncalves (Portugal) – 2015

• Alex Guldbeck, CHt & NLP. Intergeni.us (San Francisco) – 2012

• Smay Kyriazidi, Psychotherapist (Greece) – 2014

• Paul Maher, PhD, LCSP (Phys), MBIH, IIST. http://www.drpaulmmaher.co.uk (Liverpool, UK) – 2013

• Natasha Ross (Midwest) – 2014

• Deanne Salinger aka “Air Force Amy” – http://www.airforceamy.com (Carson City, NV) – 2015

• Kim Salinger, R.N. (Northern CA) – 2013

• Patricia A. Smith, LPC, LMFT, CSAC, Meridian Psychotherapy, Inc. (Virginia Beach, VA) – 2013


Dr. Marsh’s Intimate Hypnosis–Sexological Hypnosis Skills Certificate was formerly offered at IASHS

Dr. Marsh researched, created, and taught the Intimate Hypnosis-Sexological Hypnosis Skills program at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, in San Francisco, from March 2012-May 2015.

Graduates completed a 150-hour training in sexology, hypnosis, and the uses of hypnosis for sexual problems and enrichment. Some graduates of this program have also completed the NGH hypnosis certification (see list above). (IASHS also added a 150-hour

Associate in Sex Education Certificate to this program.)

Sadly, as of 2017, IASHS was no longer approved to offer degree programs by the CA Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education. By 2018, IASHS had closed.