NGH Hypnosis Certification

This course combines 25 hours of online and home study with 75 hours of in-person training. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is impossible to know when in-person training can begin again. Please visit again for updates.

In this training we seek to place the training and practice of hypnosis in the context of 21st century community wellness. People in most communities face many health challenges. As a “complementary and alternative” wellness modality, hypnosis can help with some of them. You’ll be encouraged to consider the specific needs of people in your own community. Please see the Course Materials page for more details.

Complete your certification program in two stages:

1. Complete 25 hours of Basic Hypnosis online.

Though the pandemic has made it difficult to hold the 75 hour, in-person portion of the training, you can begin learning now with the online Introduction to Basic Hypnosis class, so you may begin to understand hypnosis theory and methods.

This class costs $250 as a freestanding class and can also give you 25 hours toward the 100 hours necessary for National Guild of Hypnotists certification. The $250 will be deducted from the tuition for the certification program if you enroll in the full course later. (See PayPal buttons below or go to the Tuition and Enrollment page.)

This portion of the program will be translated into Portuguese by the end of 2021. 

2. Attend 75 Hours – onsite intensive training.

See this page for Enrollment instructions. Please read Policies page before enrolling. Location, dates TBA depending on pandemic conditions.

• Complete the online portion of the hypnosis program before arriving for the on-site portion. Upon full payment of the tuition ($2,100 or $1,850 if you have taken the Basic Hypnosis course separately), you’ll be enrolled in the on-site training. 

• If you are not a resident of the area where the on-site training will be held, please arrange your own travel, accommodations, and rental car.


As mentioned above, tuition is due in full before the online intensive, to allow for purchase and shipment of the required NGH books and materials.


Regular Tuition, Enroll and Pay Tuition (Date TBA)


Professional Hypnotist Certification

100 Hours of online and on-site hypnotist training. National Guild of Hypnotists.


Introduction to Basic Hypnosis Online

Introduction to Basic Hypnosis, Online

25 hours online and homestudy course.


Students must attend on-site classes “fragrance-free” to allow everyone to breathe freely.

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