Hypnosis for Sex Problems

Here’s what a recent student had to say about Hypnosis for Sex Problems:

“I loved the course. Dr. Amy helped me to be a better sex therapist and person. Her encouragement, supportive way of acting and availability to listen and help are really remarkable. She made me feel more connected to my practice, my clients and their issues. At the same time, the scientific part of the training was not neglected and I had strong science foundation to the new things that I’ve learned. Those things changed a lot my professional life in a positive way.” RMC, Brazil.

Starts Feb. 5, 2023. Three 5-week modules with a week break between them.

Only $1,800 Tuition for 150 Hours of Online and Homestudy Training.

You may take this training as separate modules now, five sessions each. See the Enrollment and Tuition Page.

Ebook now available on Amazon Kindle. Soon to be a paperback!

Receive comprehensive training in an important and valuable specialty – hypnosis for sex problems and sexual enrichment. This training combines studies in human sexuality with hypnosis. Upon completion you will receive your IHTC certificate of completion for 150 hours of training in Hypnosis for Sex Problems.

Study at home and online, at your own pace. You have six months to complete the written coursework.

This unique training includes a broad survey of hypnotic techniques used in various aspects of sex therapy and to manage sexual concerns. Gender variance, aging, disabilities, intersectionality issues, erotology, and erotic hypnosis are just a few of the topics covered.

This program may be used for NGH continuing education credits.

Please email dr.amymarshsexologist at gmail.com to enroll, and for a list of subjects included in this program.

Please note: These three textbooks (below) are required for this course, at additional cost. Please contact Dr. Marsh to request a copy of the 2023 course syllabus (in progress).

Weekly Lectures 

In 2023 we will be changing the format. Stay tuned.  

2 thoughts on “Hypnosis for Sex Problems

  1. Really looking forward to this next course. My previous certification with Amy Marsh was incredible! One of the best hypnosis instructors I have ever encountered. Amy is like a mentor, as well as head instructor, and takes time to answer questions thoroughly, and lets students pursue meaningful tangents.

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