Enrollment and Tuition Info

1) PLEASE READ the Policies page before enrolling and paying your tuition.

2) Please email dr.amymarshsexologist at gmail.com to request an enrollment form for the program that interests you. You may also request a copy of the syllabus. Notice differences in tuition costs.

Note: Each tuition amount includes a $100 non-refundable enrollment fee. The first installment of the HSP payment plan, $450.00, is completely non-refundable after 72 hours but may be applied toward tuition at a later date.

3) You’ll be sent a student enrollment form. Filll  out and return the form via email by the stated deadline.

4) You’ll receive an email confirming your enrollment.

5) If accepted, pay your tuition in full by the stated deadline. You pay pay tuition from this page (below) or on the course page. You may also use Venmo: @Amy-Marsh-Counseling.

Note: If you use PayPal, you might be able to take advantage of PayPal financing. 

If you need to pay by check, contact me for the address.

5) You’ll receive an email confirming your payment after funds are received and/or the check has cleared.

6) Dr. Marsh will contact you to arrange a course orientation before classes begin.

$1,500 – Pay tuition here or via the course page. The payment plan below (5 installments, below) is only available at the $1,800 Jan. 1, 2023 price.

Includes 150 hours of online and home study, certificate of completion, and original materials from the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center. The textbook, Sexololgical Hypnosis: Overview, History, & Techniques by A.R. Marsh, Ed.D., DHS, CH, CI, (2022) will be available as an eBook or PDF.

Note: Additional textbooks are required and purchased separately: Hypnosis & Sex Therapy by D.L. Araoz, The Art of Sex Coaching by P. Britton, and Hypnosis Relaxation Therapy by G. Elkins.

Hypnosis for Sex Problems Full Tuition

150 hours. Online. Includes $100 non-refundable enrollment fee. This tuition price is only good until Dec. 31, 2022.


HSP Non-Refundable Deposit for Payment Plan. Total cost $1800.00 as of Jan. 1, 2023.

Deposit for students who want to pay tuition via the 4-part payment plan. Non-refundable after 72 hours. Refunds require written notice. May be applied toward tuition for another program.


HSP Payment Plan Module 1. Total cost is $1,800.00 as of Jan. 1, 2023.

Weeks 1-5


HSP Payment Plan Module 2. Total cost is $1,800.00 as of Jan. 1, 2023.

Weeks 6-10


HSP Payment Plan Module 3. Total cost is $1,800.00 as of Jan. 1, 2023.

Weeks 11-15


Total Tuition: Hypnosis for Community Wellness Facilitator

For all three modules of the entire 150 hour online course. Includes $100 non-refundable enrollment deposit.


Professional Hypnposis Certification is postponed until the pandemic is over.

Pay tuition here or via the course page.

Includes 100 hours of training (25 hours of online Introduction to Basic Hypnosis course, and 75 hours of onsite intensive training and hypnosis practice);  includes original material from the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center. This course also serves as a prerequisite for Hypnosis for Sexual Problems.




Basic Hypnosis Certification

100 hour certification, online and onsite.


Introduction to Basic Hypnosis

Updates are coming in 2022.

Not ready to commit to certification training yet? This course allows you to learn “the basics” of hypnosis theory and techniques. It also serves as the online component of the Basic Hypnosis Certification course. Tuition for the intro will be deducted from the above fee, should you decide to enroll in our NGH certification course.

Basic Hypnosis Online

25 hours of basic hypnosis theory and instruction. Online.