NGH Curriculum

In this certification training developed by and for the National Guild of Hypnotists, you’ll learn hypnosis practices and proven techniques in wide use among professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists.

You’ll also get additional, customized material, including taped lectures, copies of scientific studies and abstracts, and more..

Our classes and webinars, plus every workbook page, CD, and DVD, are packed with information to give you the best start on:

➤ Learning hypnosis skills.
➤ Assessing clients – their problems and their responses to hypnosis.
➤ Developing hypnosis scripts and programs.
➤ Creating and maintaining a practice.
➤ Ethical guidelines.
➤ Marketing your practice.

NGH Materials Collage

The World of Hypnosis Books 1 and 2 contain the core NGH curriculum. You’ll learn:

➤ How to establish rapport with your clients.
➤ Addressing client fears and misperceptions.
➤ How to do a hypnosis “pre-talk.”
➤ Suggestibility tests, and why we do them.
➤ Hypnotic inductions – permissive and authoritarian.
➤ Myths of hypnosis.
➤ Client assessment.
➤ How to hypnotize.
➤ Deepening a hypnotic experience.
➤ How to emerge a person from hypnosis.
➤ Depth stages of hypnosis.
➤ Self-hypnosis training.
➤ Advanced induction techniques.
➤ Post-hypnotic suggestions.
➤ Hypnosis for smoking cessation.
➤ Hypnosis for weight management.
➤ Hypnosis for stress management.
➤ How to set up your practice and build clientele and much more.

Multi-lingual materials are available at an additional cost of $25. See list below.

You’ll receive a pendulum to use for the Chevraul’s Suggestiblity Test.

You’ll also receive addtional curriculum material:

➤ Bonus pack of NGH Scripts and handouts.
➤ Course materials developed by Dr. Amy Marsh, as mentioned above.

Upon successful completion of this course, you are entitled to a free, 1-year membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Membership includes a subscription to these publications: The Journal of Hypnotism and the Hypno-Gram.

The media set includes:

➤ The Many Benefits of NGH Membership (DVD)

➤ Master Marketing (2 DVDs)

➤ Master Marketing (CD)

➤ Motivation for the New Hypnotist CD

➤ Interviews with Consulting Hypnotists & Extend Your Horizons in the World of Hypnotism DVD

➤ From Scratch and on a Shoestring – How Absolutely Anyone Can Build a Successful Practice PDF

➤Demonstrations of NGH Scripts PDF

➤ Getting Started in Business Platinum Panel 2008 DVD

➤ Getting Started in Business Platimum Panel 2009 DVD

➤ Getting Started in Business Platinum Panel 2010 DVD

You’ll also get the Master Marketing workbook to go along with the DVDs and CD.

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