2018 Hypnosis Certification Scholarships Announced for Jan. 4, World Hypnosis Day – Start Date Pushed to Fall 2018.

WHD-Web-Logo-2Contact: Amy Marsh

Message Phone: (707)515-5025

Email: dr.amymarshsexologist@gmail.com


Four Hypnosis Certification Scholarships Offered to Lake County, CA Residents

Improving Community Wellness through Well-trained Practitioners

[LAKE COUNTY, CA, January 4 -] In honor of World Hypnosis Day, Amy Marsh and the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center will offer Lake County, CA residents the opportunity to apply for a total of four valuable “Community Wellness” hypnosis certification training scholarships. The 100-hour program is based on the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) certification curriculum, and successful graduates will also receive one year’s free membership in that organization. Normally, this training generally costs about $2,100 in California.

“Even with its clean air and beautiful scenery, Lake County ranks 56 out of 57 counties in 2017, according to County Health Rankings,” said Dr. Marsh, a new Lake County resident, “and I’d like to help change that by encouraging better health and wellness behaviors and training more complementary wellness practitioners for this area.”

Hypnosis, also known as “hypnotherapy,” is a proven method for improving health and wellness, and for creating positive attitudes and life changes. Hypnotists are complementary providers who can assist clients with habit control, weight management, stress reduction, pain management, and more.

Scholarship applicants are welcome to email dr.amymarshsexologist@gmail.com to request an application form. Special consideration will be given to people with low incomes, youth who have aged out of foster care, LGBTQI individuals, and other marginalized groups. A history of community activism is also helpful.

Training location and dates are still to be announced, but on-site training (75 hours) will be held in Lake County, most likely during the month of September 2018 [Updated]. The course includes 25 hours of online class and home study. Applicants should check this website for updates. Applicants must be prepared to raise $175.00 for required books (not included in the scholarship).

Apply by July 15, 2018 [Updated].

Amy Marsh, Ed.D, DHS, CH, CI, is the founder of the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center and is a certified instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Dr. Marsh has trained hypnotists for NGH certification since 2011.



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