Two Great Programs! NGH Hypnosis Certification Training & Our Own Speciality Certificate in Hypnosis for Sex Problems

NGH Certification

Become a certified consulting hypnotist or certified hypnotherapist*! This National Guild of Hypnotists certification training is offered through the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center, with 25 hours of home study online and 75 hours on the “big island” of Hawai’i or Northern California.

These classes provide 100 hours of training and qualify you for certification as a Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).


This course requires:

➤ Maximum 25 hours of distance learning and home study, including webinars, taped lectures and home study.
➤ Minimum 75 hours of on-site, class attendance during a 10-day intensive.

Your tuition of $1,660 (Hawai’i) or $2,100 (California) includes:
➤ Hypnosis Certification through NGH.
➤ 1 Year membership in the NGH.
➤ All NGH course books, CDs, and DVDs, plus 1 year’s subscription to the Journal of Hypnotism and Hypno-Gram.

➤ Additional materials developed by Dr. Amy Marsh.

Please note: certification is less expensive here in Hawai’i for two reasons: (1) local residents are living in an economically depressed area and so they get a kama’aina discount, and (2) people who are not residents have to travel here and pay for lodging and ground transportation. I have compassion for both situations and want to do what I can to make it easy to be here and learn!

Instructor: Dr. Amy Marsh, certified consulting hypnotist, certified NGH hypnosis instructor, and sexologist.

To Enroll: Check the Enrollment page. Please contact

*Some states do not allow the term “hypnotherapist” unless you are also a licensed psychotherapist.


Specialty Training in Sexological Hypnosis. Learn hypnosis for a variety of sexual concerns. Includes fundamentals of Sexology.

Pre-requisite: Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist Certification representing at least 100 horus of training.

This course requires 150 hours of home study, online study, and completed assignments.

Your tuition of $1,500 includes:

➤ An online course based on an extensive literature search and clinical experience in the uses of hypnosis for a wide variety of sexual problems, and for enrichment and pleasure.

A few additional textbooks are required, and not included in the tuition.


The Philosophy of Sexological Hypnotism

The ability to be “entranced” is a key to sexual and emotional health.Natural trance states are changes in brain waves which allow us to access “non-conscious” realms of imagination, inner narratives, deeply held feelings, embedded somatic memories, and imprinted beliefs. These same states also allow us to be “entranced” within our own eros as well as with our sexual and romantic partners. A natural and spontaneous experience of erotic trance can enhance our feelings of pleasure, playfulness, and intimacy.

Hypnotism can also support postive change in physical function, emotions, and health. Through a thoughtful, guided use of hypnosis, the person in a trance state becomes receptive to literal language and positive suggestions which reinforce desired changes in conscious behavior and feelings, including those which pertain to sex and sexual dysfunction.

Instructor: Dr. Amy Marsh, a sexologist, certified consulting hypnotist, and certified NGH hypnosis instructor.

To Enroll: Check the Enrollment page. Please contact